SAP Business One How To: Perform Data Archiving

In SAP Business One

27th April, 2011

In SAP Business One version 8.81 Data Archiving is now available. The Data Archive wizard: removes chained transactional data related to closed financial periods from the productive database, simulates the run prior to execution with estimation of database size reduction and...

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Mobile Access to Business Applications Will Drive the Next Wave of User Adoption | Increasing Customer Engagement, Satisfaction and Loyalty with Mobility

In Mobile

26th April, 2011

According to a recent report by Forrester Research, only 1/3 of businesses have a clearly defined mobile strategy. However, the research also showed that 70 percent of firms will increase their mobile budget in 2011, with one in four companies doubling or tripling their mobile budget. Firms said mobility is seen as...

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