Expert Comments: Why Clients Choose SAP Business One

Published on 3rd May, 2017 in Aether Consulting, SAP Business One, Small Business by Jerry Eisinger

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Recently we sat down with Jerry Eisinger, President of Aether Consulting to talk about SAP Business One and how it is meeting the needs of small and midsize businesses in the areas of cloud, successful implementations, and data integration. 

Jerry, what makes you and your clients choose SAP Business One? How do you see it competing with other Cloud-based ERP systems?

Our clients choose SAP Business One for its strong functionality and value for companies outgrowing low end accounting systems and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.  To continue to grow the business, our customers want a business software solution that manages accounting, sales, inventory and operations for today - with the ability to scale with future growth. 

SAP Business One competes well with other cloud-based ERP systems because of our flexibility in license pricing and deployment. Licenses can be purchased as a one time cost, or as a subscription.  Many customers are considering cloud-based software, and we have hosting options to offer them.  For those that aren’t ready for the cloud or don’t have reliable internet service, SAP Business One can still be deployed on a server.  Cloud-based SAP Business One is exactly the same solution as server-based SAP Business One, the software is not any different which makes it a very powerful and flexible offering.

Can you share the 3 top points that you consider for successfully implementing SAP Business One?

1. Apply a proper business process definition.  Before any software is installed, we use our proven methodology to uncover business requirements, identify business processes and data points.  We build as-is and to-be process maps to ensure that all requirements are addressed and a comprehensive process is defined.
2. Have our clients test process, operation and user interface with a prototype implementation of the software. We like to quickly get a prototype system into the hands of the key project leads to test operation, evaluate screens and move through test transactions. By doing so, we are able to uncover anything that might have been missed in the definition stage and resolve it before the system is live.
3. Clean data prior to migration.  The old adage of garbage in, garbage out really does apply.  It is worth any extra time to ensure that all customer, vendor, and item data is properly formatted and includes accurate information to load into the system the first time.

Integration is becoming a key for clients nowadays. Do you help clients with such integration? What is your take on Connecting SAP Business One with external systems such as CRM, eCommerce, WMS?

Yes, we definitely see integration as becoming more important for customers so we have a variety of toolsets that we use to enable one way or two way data integration.  For simple data integration, customers just need a way to automate a data import to SAP Business One and we use on-board tools like the data transfer workbench.  For eCommerce data integration we offer a simple third-party integration toolset to enable customers to bring website order details including customer information, order details and payment status into SAP Business One so we eliminate someone having to manually enter these orders.  Using a third-party integration toolset allows us to safely bring data into SAP Business One.  For more complex eCommerce data integration we offer a more robust third-party eCommerce toolset that allows customers to push customer information, special prices, item details and availability to an eCommerce site, and pushes order information back into SAP Business One for processing. 

WMS, or warehouse management systems that enable bar codes, enable handheld scanners and operate wirelessly through a warehouse or production floor can offer huge timesaving advantages for companies with large transactional volumes.  Distribution customers want to use WMS to scan incoming inventory for quick receiving and put-away.  Manufacturing customers want to use WMS to scan materials for production and report manufacturing completion.  Again, we offer a good-better-best selection of options for customers depending on size and investment tolerance and match our third-party partner’s toolsets to the requirements in order to provide a full solution.

Aether Consulting is an SAP Partner for SAP Business One.  Based in Goodrich, Michigan the company sells, installs, implements, trains and supports clients on SAP Business One software.  Contact us for more information at

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Jerry Eisinger, President, Aether Consulting