Unable to Print Checks In SAP Business One

Published on 12th June, 2017 in SAP Business One by Ellen Maier

Unable to print checks in SAP Business One?  Particularly if you had been able to print checks, but created a new bank and find you can’t print checks?  This is easily fixed.  Just a quick look at the bank record and the “Locked for Printing” selection will solve your issue.

Go to Administration – Setup – Banking – House Banks.  Open this table.  Find the record of the bank that you are using to cut checks – scroll WAY to the right.  There is a field called locked for printing.  If it has a check mark in it, uncheck it.  Then you can run checks.

SAP Business One check print problem Display full image

SAP Business One locked for printing Display full image

For more tips and tricks on SAP Business One, check out the Aether Help Docs site.  It was specifically designed for Aether support customers, but open and free to all SAP Business One users.  If you need SAP Business One financials support or implementation, reach out to Aether Consulting.


Ellen Maier, Senior Implementation Consultant, Aether Consulting