What Companies Look For in Wholesale Distribution Software

Published on 14th September, 2017 in SAP Business One by Andrea Vermurlen

Senior executives at small and medium-sized wholesale distribution companies want to achieve business growth, customer success, business improvement, and help their community.  Source: “Ambition: Why being ambitious matters and how SMEs are achieving their goals” A Circle Research Study, sponsored by SAP.  Download the study.

Across the board, as wholesale distributors tell us their struggles in achieving their goals and explain what is holding them back there are consistent themes:

When looking at wholesale distribution software, these companies want a software solution that will address their struggles, and meet these top priorities for the business:

As a foundational business platform, an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system provides integrated, streamlined, and automated processes for wholesale distributors. 

Distribution ERP Software Built-in Process

SAP Business One includes built-in order-to-delivery functionality which is fully integrated into the inventory, financial, and material requirements planning (MRP) features. Discover how SAP Business One will enable your distribution business to optimize and streamline your entire inventory management process.

Distribution software order to delivery process Display full image

Streamlined and optimized distribution processes are crucial to customer satisfaction and inventory cost control.  Even if your product line is extensive and complex, SAP Business One will provide you with comprehensive inventory management functionality to meet your business needs. Manage detailed item, inventory, and warehouse data; record and track inbound, outbound, and inter-warehouse stock movements; and meet demand based on comprehensive material requirements planning.

Learn more about SAP Business One inventory functionality through these pages, or contact us at sales@aetherconsulting.com to discuss your wholesale distribution ERP software requirements.


Andrea Vermurlen, Marketing & Sales, Aether Consulting

Andrea handles marketing and sales for Aether Consulting.