SAP Business One How To Update Item Prices Through Import

Published on 9th October, 2017 in SAP Business One by Andrea Vermurlen

For any company running SAP Business One that stocks and sells items, maintaining product pricing can be a challenge.  If you’re a distributor, your vendors or suppliers may periodically provide new price lists.  If you’re a manufacturer, internal costs may change item prices.  For quick and easy pricing updates, there is a way you can perform an import of the new prices.

When you have a new price list in an Excel spreadsheet or TXT file format, you can import Price List data to a company database in SAP Business One. The data is copied from the cells of the Microsoft Excel table and written to the corresponding fields in SAP Business One.

Use this method to add new records or to update existing records.

You must first configure the definitions for the import, according to the following rules:


Fill out Excel template with new pricing

SAP Business One Update Price List Import Display full image

Copy Price list without headers, and paste it into Notepad then save the file

SAP Business One price list import Display full image

In SAP Business One menu Go To > Administration > Data Import > Import from Excel

SAP B1 Data Import Display full image

Click on Use Data Template

SAP Business One use data template Display full image

Click on Template Code Item Pricing, Click Select

SAP Business One data import item pricing Display full image

Press the Select button, and select the file to import

SAP Business One price list import from Excel Display full image

Select Notepad file created above, Click Open

SAP B1 Price List Update thru Import Display full image

Select Update Existing Records Without Adding New Records, Click Import

SAP Business One price list import Display full image

Thanks Aether Implementation Consultant, Kimberly for this article.  If you have questions on how to use an import to update item prices, contact Aether Consulting at

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