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Published on 20th August, 2011 in SAP Business One by Andrea Vermurlen

Aether has prepared an overview of reporting tools for SAP Business One.  We'll address each of the on-board reporting and dashboard tools, and give you an overview of what it is all about and where you can find training.  In some cases, we'll provide links to training materials right from the blog article. On-Board Reporting Tools for SAP Business One that we'll be covering include:

In addition to the on-board reporting tools for SAP Business One there are a number of add-on reporting and dashboard tools.  These add-on tools are created by third-party developers like ThirdWave, Coresystems and Paris Technologies.  While they are additional cost, they do add more functionality or make reporting and dashboards easier to use.  We'll be covering 5 add-on reporting options for SAP Business One separately. 

So we'll dive into the first part of our series on on-board reporting and dashboard tools for SAP Business One....Standard Reports.

Standard Reports in SAP Business One

What is it:  Inside each module within SAP Business One are reports pertaining to that area of the system.  Additionally, you can go to the Reports Menu and select a standard report from here.  Add your Selection Criteria and the report will generate the data.  From there you can drill down into further detail so you can take action on the data, or print the report.

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In SAP Business One 8.8 If you want to change info on a standard report:  (anytime you have a screen open that has a report on it) choose the standard report, enter your criteria, and then click the Layout Designer icon. 

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Manage the Layout button to bring up the report and layout manager.  From here you can use PLD or Crystal Reports to edit the layout.  You can also select who gets access to which report version.

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Where to find training:  Customer portal, Education, Release 2007, from there choose any module such as Financials, Sales, etc. and there will be a “Reports” section.

Report Package: An index of SAP Business One standard reports, and a view of each is included in this Microsoft Word document.

Our next article...Part 2 of 6 of On-Board Reporting and Dashboard Tools for SAP Business One: Query Wizard.

Andrea Vermurlen, Marketing & Sales, Aether Consulting

Andrea handles marketing and sales for Aether Consulting.