SAP Business One | Setting Up a Bin Location

Published on 4th May, 2011 in SAP Business One by Jerry Eisinger

In SAP Business One, bin location isn't already a field in the item master. Best practices for companies with inventory being stored in a warehouse would recommend using bin location tags to be placed on physical shelving within the warehouse, and then an associated bin location field in your inventory management system that would relate a part in your system to it's physical location within your warehouse.

Today we're going to talk about how you can use User Defined Fields in SAP Business One to add a bin location. This method works well for a single bin location per item.

1. Set up the bin location UDF. Go to Tools > Customization Tools > User-Defined Fields — Management

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2.  Add the field data in Master Data > Items > Items-Warehouse

3.  Add button: setup the field as shown below (or as you need it for your bin naming)

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4. User-defined field is now on the item master, warehouse screen.  Use form settings button to place the field where you want.

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Some further points to keep in mind....

If someone creates a UDF, is it automatically visible on everyone's screen?

No, In order to make a UDF visible for everyone it must be configured on each employee's screen.  This is why we try to address any UDFs that may be necessary in the beginning of a project so we can make sure it is configured properly for everyone.  It isn't that you can't add  them after the fact, just that you need to be aware that UDFs added later need to be brought into employee's screens who may need to view or create data.  Especially if the UDF created is mandatory to be filled.

Who can create a UDF?

Anybody in the database who has the proper permissions….typically this is an administrator.

Special notes on creating bin locations:

This method is good for single bin locations.  For customers that need multiple bin locations, where items can be stored in more than one bin location, there are a few add-ons available that bring this functionality.

Jerry Eisinger, President, Aether Consulting