SAP Lumira, version for SAP Business One

SAP Lumira, version for SAP Business One

SAP Lumira, Edge edition is a software solution that quickly helps teams and departments better understand their data and use it to tell stories that captivate audiences. Running on standard hardware, it includes an in-memory engine that speeds up the discovery of hidden patterns and outliers using beautiful visualizations that can be shared throughout the organization. Designed for ease of use and collaboration, SAP Lumira, Edge let you create and share compelling data stories and extend the power of data to everyone across the enterprise.

For operational reports in SAP Business One, Crystal Reports fits the bill for those reports that are repetitive in nature.  For data visualization and ad-hoc analysis, SAP Lumira Desktop allows you to conduct explorative analysis for those strategic decisions.  Use data from SAP Business One, or combine with other data sets for enhanced data analysis.

Core features:

Use case examples:

SAP Lumira Desktop can be purchased as a version for the SAP Business One application.  Each designated SAP Lumira Desktop user must have a valid license for SAP Business One. 

Watch this SAP Lumira, version for SAP Business One video.

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