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SAP Business One Mobile App for iPhone, iPad

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Businesses running SAP Business One that also utilize iPhones or iPads have a ton of power at their fingertips.  SAP is taking mobility very seriously, and has put some significant functionality behind their app for SAP Business One customers.

Let's take a look back....The mobile app for SAP Business One used to be reserved for senior managers looking to perform alerts and approvals while on the road, which is nice, but by no means could you consider it to enable full work day tasks.

Fast forward to SAP Business One mobility 1.11, available for companies running SAP Business One 8.82 and greater and the functions available are even more powerful for senior managers, and bring mobile functionality for companies that want to empower outside sales representatives and field service technicians.  We'll run down all the tasks the SAP Business One mobile app is capable of, and what version of SAP Business One you have be running in order to take advantage of them.


What is SAP Business One for iPhone and iPad?

This mobile app lets connect with your SAP Business One application to check on inventory and customers, access reports, receive alerts, process approvals, create sales orders and service orders and more in real time.

How can I install the SAP Business One mobile app?

To download the app, go to the App Store from your mobile device, or download the app from your computer through iTunes to sync with your iPhone.

Do I need to pay for it?

No, the SAP Business One app is Free. To use it, you only need a professional or limited user license.

Are there any requirements to be able to use this app?

You need to be running SAP Business One 8.8 or greater release and we must configure the mobility settings in SAP Business One for you.

Access the iTunes App store here



Approvals and alerts — Get alerts on specific events — such as deviations from approved discounts, prices, credit limits, or targeted gross profits — and view approval requests waiting for your immediate action. Drill into the relevant content or metric before making your decision.

Business partners — Customer and Vendor details and contacts

All changes automatically get synchronized with SAP Business One on the backend, and optionally synch activities into the calendar of the device

Inventory — Monitor inventory levels and access detailed information about your products, including purchasing and sales price, available quantity, product specifications, and pictures.

Sales documents —Create, view, and search for sales quotations, sales orders, and sales opportunities, and submit drafts of sales quotations and sales orders for approval.

Reports — Refer to built-in reports created with SAP Crystal Reports for the SAP Business One application, that present key information about your business. Add your own customized reports to the app and easily share them via e-mail.

Dashboards — View predefined dashboards (sales analysis, cash flow, and purchase quotations) in normal and full-screen mode and share them via e-mail.

Service — Process and close service calls, create and view solutions, and look up related service calls from service contracts or customer equipment cards.

Help — Display standard or customer-specific help documents.

View the Video from Richard Duffy, SAP Business One Evangelist on the functionality in SAP Business One Mobile App v1.5