Crystal Reports for SAP Business One

Now available from Aether Consulting are SAP Crystal Reports. Let's explore what you own, what's available, how much it costs, and what you'll need to consider.

"I Own SAP Business One  What Crystal Reports Do I Own?"

Crystal Reports for SAP Business One

If you currently have SAP Business One, you already own one license of SAP Crystal Reports. Crystal Reports is used in SAP Business One for forms development and report creation.  Use it for pixel-perfect, formatted reports that you can generate within an integrated report design environment.

Inside SAP Business One, Crystal Reports provides one free designer license and allows a single installation on one workstation when you purchase SAP Business One, or SAP Business One version for HANA. This license is runtime restricted and can only be used in combination of SAP Business One or add-ons.  Additional designers licenses can be purchased.  No viewer licenses are required for users to view forms or reports.

Features of Crystal Reports for SAP Business One

Where to Find Training On Crystal Reports for SAP Business One

SAP Community Network SAP Crystal page

The SAP Community Network gives lots of details on SAP Products, and Crystal is no exception.  This FREE resource covers the “basics” of Crystal Reports.

Crystal Reports eLearning on SAP Business One Academy

Go to the SAP Business One Academy page at
Click the Analytics section, then click the Crystal Reports hyperlink to quickly jump down to the section.

How To Work with SAP Crystal Reports in SAP Business One - PDF Document

There are many procedures and sub-procedures involved in the processes of working with SAP Crystal Reports. This document will walk you through the a typical high-level flow of procedures:
1. Create a report with SAP Crystal Reports
2. Import the report as either a Crystal report or Crystal Reports layout
3. Run the report or apply the layout to a document
4. Export the report or layout

Download the PDF on How to Work With SAP Crystal Reports in SAP Business One

Checklist for the Creation of a Crystal Reports report for SAP Business One

When you need help determining the steps involved in creating a Crystal Reports report for SAP Business One, use this checklist to make sure all elements are considered.

Checklist for Crystal Reports Creation Display full image

Additional Reporting Tools from SAP for SAP Business One - SAP Lumira

SAP Lumira provides a power tool for managers, business analysts and all users who needs to investigate data interactively to discover new business insights.  It works with SAP Business One, and SAP Business One version for HANA. 

More information on SAP Lumira.

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