Dashboard Smackdown! SAP Business One Dashboards VS. SAP Crystal Dashboard Design

You can now purchase the SAP Business One versions of:
SAP Crystal Dashboard Design . . . . $570.00 USD per user 

This visualization tool takes Excel, Crystal or Query data and presents it in a visualized way.  You can create what-if scenarios, and it allows drill down capability into SAP Business One.  It comes with (1) viewing license.

SAP Crystal Dashboard Viewing License . . . . $113.00 USD per user

This viewing license is required for any additional user that wants to view dashboards created by Dashboard Design on their workstation.

To purchase SAP Crystal Dashboard Design or Crystal Dashboard Viewing for SAP Business One, please contact Aether Consulting at 586-939-8028 or email sales@aetherconsulting.com.

SAP Business One Dashboards VS. SAP Crystal Dashboard Design

Compare the predefined SAP Business One Dashboards to SAP Crystal Dashboard Design so you will know what the strengths and weaknesses are of either solution.

The Contender:  SAP Business One Predefined Dashboards SAP Business One predefined dashboard Display full image

For current customers running SAP Business One versions 8.82, you already have 5 predefined dashboards you can be using right now.   The predefined SAP Business One dashboards are visible through My Cockpit, and are within the Widget Gallery. You do not need a view license to see the default dashboards.

Ready to see them? Not so fast!  In order to see the cockpit and these dashboards you have to have a few important elements in place:  a) In order to view the cockpit, it has to be enbled at the company level first, then turned on at the user level; b) before you can see the dashboards, you need to be using the Cockpit and have the Integration Component installed.

Download the How-To Document here; for instructions on:

In order to look at Dashboards, you also must have installed the integration component for SAP Business One. And, hey....bonus....installing the integration framework will also enable you to get connected from the mobile app.   Call us for help on installing the Integration Component.  Once that's running, here's instructions on viewing the predefined dashboards.

So what are those 5 predefined SAP Business One Dashboards?

While SAP plans on releasing more predefined dashboards, currently they only have 5 in 8.82:   Service Call Analysis, Sales Analysis, Customer Aging Analysis, Cash Flow Aging and Purchase Quotation. There are plans for 10.

Judge's Decision:  Stay with these FREE, predefined SAP Business One dashboards if you want to save money.  You cannot create new dashboards or change the ones that come with.

The Competitor:  SAP Crystal Dashboard Design for SAP Business OneSAP Crystal Dashboard Design for SAP Business OneDisplay full image

When you want a tool that will help you to transform complex company data into engaging, interactive dashboards - look to SAP Crystal Dashboard Design. 

Build interactive dashboards quickly with an intuitive, flexible interface.  With the Crystal Dashboard Designer, you can design your own dashboards and data definitions; generate user query(s) in SAP Business One, deploy and activate it for your users.

They provide templates and other tools to make dashboard creation fun.

The data you show is limited only by your imagination....have a sales manager that wants to see top performing sales representatives for the week and the 10 most profitable sales orders for the day at the same time?  No problem!  Build dashboards that provide live data in real-time so your managers can gain immediate business insights.

Judge's Decision:  Pick Dashboard Designer if you want to create custom dashboards using SAP Business One or add-on data.  Remember, that any user that needs to view a dashboard created with Dashboard Designer must have a viewer license.

For more information on SAP Business One predefined dashboards, or to purchase SAP Crystal Dashboard Design for SAP Business One, contact Aether Consulting.