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Aether deploys SAP Business One at Butcher & Packer Supply to streamline accounting.

In 1990, Butcher and Packer managed their accounting using a Unix-based business software called SCO, Santa Cruz Operating System.  With that system becoming obsolete, and upgrade costs exceeding $90,000 it was important to find an alternative platform which could serve the business into the future.  It was also critical to find a solution that would integrate well with the blending software being used in seasoning manufacturing operations, as well as the ecommerce platform that supported the company’s online sales.  Finding SAP Business One a good fit for their distribution business, they brought in a reseller partner to learn more.  Ultimately, the business chose Aether Consulting for their reseller partner because of our expertise with SAP Business One, and our approach to integrations.

The keys to this solution is SAP Business One at the core, with 3 key integrations orchestrated by the team of Aether, and the technical team at Butcher and Packer along with Mark P. Bray, President iNetCity Solutions and Gary Keramidas. 

  1. Integration of SAP to the customer's ZenCart ecommerce website for orders. Use Magic XPI to intercept orders and push them into SAP. Push shipping notifications back to the website for customer reference.
  2. Integration with the manufacturing system. Butcher & Packer uses a separate blending/manufacturing system called Alpha 5, and again we use Magic XPI to pass information on what's being produced and consumed for inventory purposes, as well as tracking lot numbers.
  3. PCI compliant credit card processing is a key for this customer. They required a system with the appropriate security and real-time credit card authorization and charges directly against orders, deliveries, and invoices in SAP. It also automates the cash receipt process to streamline the management of credit card payments.

Since implementing SAP Business One, Butcher & Packer has seen sales increase 30%, but they haven't had to add additional staff to manage the volume. “Bottlenecks and throughput issues have gone away.  There is nothing stopping us from getting things done," says Fritz Blohm, President, Butcher & Packer.

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Aether provides SAP Business One support help to Interstate Contract Cleaning Services, Inc. bringing the ability to simplify transactions and billing processes while maintaining excellence in personal customer service.

When Interstate Contract Cleaning Services had outgrown their Quickbooks, they looked to the next step in technology for businesses their size: SAP Business One.  The solution was a good fit, but an incorrect implementation had brought so much complexity to their operations that the company was struggling to produce invoices.

Providing SAP Business One implementation help is one of the services that Aether provides.  ICCS needed to simplify the entire accounting and invoice process and because of their background and experience in business model consulting, Aether Consulting had the ability and insight necessary to re-engineer what had become an unnecessarily complicated project.

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Aether helps NCVW Management Group in Bay City, MI use SAP Business One to modernize operations across five businesses in just six short weeks. 

With multiple, USA based manufacturing facilities this customer is the premier manufacturer of the highest-quality eutectic alloy fusible links and heat release devices for the fire protection industry. They also manufacture resettable, bi-metal fire links, and they are a premier specialty manufacturer of fusible pellets for protection devices in both the telecommunications and fire protection industries. SAP Business One integrates and supports their processes from the opportunity stage right through operations and then to the back office.  Keys for this client included increased inventory control and visibility throughout the organization, reducing redundant data entry with a single system and single data source, establishing documentation and automation of business processes, and improved reporting.

"SAP Business One allows us to have all users looking at the same data. They can now do their own reporting and lookups. Additionally, MRP gives us better control of our inventory and ordering cycles.  Having everything become a record allows us to look up the history of why we did something." - Sandy Thompson, NCVW

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Aether helps Vargo Companies capture actual cost on jobs with SAP Business One and Enprise Job.

When looking for make-to-order software, especially for job shops, it is critical to have the concept of actual cost for tracking exactly what costs and expenses are for a particular project.  While SAP Business One manages accounting, inventory, purchasing, sales orders and is a great business foundation it does not use actual cost -- so in order to track actual cost in the software, Aether brings the Enprise Job add-on to our clients.  Vargo uses Enprise Job to measure the true profitability of every job it does, both large and small. It uses this knowledge to inform its pitches for new business, which has boosted margins by around 10%.

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Aether's Variety of SAP Business One Customers

Major Business Function City State
Distribution, manufacture and repair/service of seal and pump products Pontiac MI
Distributor of A/V, furniture and supplies to school systems Livonia MI
Distributor of carbide cutting tools Ann Arbor MI
Distributor of engine seals, gaskets and related engine parts Port Huron MI
Distributor of ethnic foods Byron Centre MI
Distributor of material handling equipment Hilliard OH
Distributor of shrinkwrap and installation accessories Manistee MI
Distributor of office products Farmington Hills MI
Distributor of wireless devices and accessories Southfield MI
Distributor and manufacturer of food seasonings and supplies Madison Heights MI
Manufacture and design of shelters, installation services Canton MI
Manufacture and service of gas turbine regenerators/recuperators Stephenville TX
Manufacturer of automotive test instrumentation Plymouth MI
Manufacturer of automotive control units Japan  
Manufacturer of automotive cycloidal gearboxes Farmington Hills MI
Manufacturer of cathode material products Battle Creek MI
Manufacturer of couplings and dampers Battle Creek MI
Manufacturer of custom corrugated products Flint MI
Manufacturer of fire protection products Bay City MI
Manufacturer of furniture for libraries Shelby MI
Manufacturer of laboratory equipment Auburn Hills MI
Manufacturer of lighting products Oxford MI
Manufacturer of flashlights and accessories Poway CA
Service provider of contract filling and packaging Vandalia MI
Service provider of benefits billing and consolidation Bingham Farms MI
Service provider of cleaning services for commercial, medical & industrial Charlotte NC
Service provider of fire protection systems Columbia Station OH
Service provider of iphone electronics repair Portage MI
Service provider of property management Fenton MI
Service provider of legal documents Troy MI

More SAP Business One Case Studies

SAP Business One helps our manufacturing, distribution and service industry clients manage their entire business end-to-end across sales, customers, purchasing, inventory, operations, and financials -- all in a single system.

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Manufacturing Clients

Distribution Clients

Service Industry Clients

A Manufacturer of Architectural Daylighting Systems and Site Shelter Solutions

This midsize manufacturer had recently implemented SAP Business One's accounting and financial modules. There was a need for additional software training, financial auditing, process modeling, and report writing and they asked for Aether's help. Keys for this client included accounting and month-end procedures and processes, as well as report training and assistance.

A Manufacturer of Mobile Phone Peripherals and Hands Free Car Kits

The US-based operations of this global company implemented SAP Business One to integrate financials, sales data, and inventory data with their SAP system at their headquarters in Europe.  Keys for this client were the business process and implementation methodology brought to the project by the Aether consulting team in meeting aggressive go-live dates. 

A Manufacturer of High Precision, High Quality Couplings and Dampers

This USA distributor had just recently implemented Business One's quoting, accounting and financial modules.  When they needed additional help with financial auditing and training, they turned to Aether for that expertise.

A Distributor of Pump/Mechanical Seal Products and Repair Services

This midsize company chose SAP Business One to automate their entire order to delivery process.  A single, integrated system was needed to improve the efficiency of handling distribution orders and for handling the details of their repair business.  Improved inventory tracking, purchasing, customer management, job costing, and integrated accounting are all major contributors to their primary goal -- improve internal efficiency so the company can grow profitably.

A Distributor of Audio/Visual Products and Furniture

This small mid-Michigan company looked to SAP Business One to solve challenges in their distribution business.  Keys for this client included improved inventory management, customer / vendor management, integrated accounting and improved overall business efficiency.

A Distributor of Municipal/Industrial Pump Products and Repair Services

This Michigan company had turned to SAP Business One to manage their sales, inventory, financials, repair job costing, and to improve their customer / vendor relations.  A legacy product was hindering the company's ability to achieve a true picture of their project costs.  They needed a job cost management solution that could help them prepare estimates and quotations, track labor, materials, purchases and resources to their engineered and repair jobs.  Keys for this client included a new ability to obtain real time detailed cost information and to monitor project performance.  Today they are running their parts distribution, repair service and field service operations out of one fully integrated system.

A Service Provider Offering Health and Welfare Administration and Consulting

This Michigan-based service provider acts as a 3rd party administrator, bringing value through their proprietary EMS system that customers use to run health benefits administration.

SAP Business One was chosen to replace Quickbooks.  The client needed to enable aggregated data imports from the EMS system, enable AR/AP transactions and multiple bank transactions, track commissions, enable segmented expense management, and assist with bank reconciliations.  They also like the reporting functionality of SAP Business One.

A Leading Provider of Goods and Services to the Material Handling Industry

This Ohio-based company distributes material handling equipment and supplies, provides integration services, and also develops adaptive software for machine control.  With such a diverse business, they were struggling to find a solution that could bring it all together.  Keys for this client included the integrated fiancials, inventory, purchasing, sales functionality, and job costing with SAP Business One.  This company is actually 3 companies -- and it was important that all 3 companies could be managed from the same general ledger but at the same time report the performance and financials of the 3 companies separately.

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