eCommerce for SAP Business One

eCommerce is a term we use to describe an end-user's ability to conduct on-line shopping from either a B2B or B2C website.  When eCommerce is offered by a company using SAP Business One for their business management software, there are distinct advantages to using data from SAP to populate the website.  Instead of maintaining a separate file of items, prices, and customers, by using this data directly from SAP Business One you only have to maintain the data in one place, saving time and reducing errors.

With rediSell eCommerce for SAP Business One you can:

Use All or Some of the rediSell Elements

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Website Design & Branding:  Flexible, custom site development — with no canned templates

rediSell Uploader Tool: Easy to use tool to manage the online storefront including catalogs, products, pricing, customers, etc.

SAP Business One Integration:  Full integration to SAP Business One customers, price lists, and items


Discover the Possibilities with rediSell eCommerce for SAP Business One

Website Design, Branding and Navigation

SAP Business One Integration to Your Website

Merchandising Through the rediSell Uploader Desktop Tool

These elements are just a few suggestions of what is possible with your SAP B1 eCommerce site.  rediSell can be easily contract or expand depending on the online shopping experience you would like to deliver to your customers.  Some clients have an internal design team, and prefer to conduct website design and branding activities on their own.  Other clients have nothing but a basic website, and need us to take them from start to finish.  We work with our clients and partners to ensure that your vision is achieved -- no matter where you are starting your SAP B1 eCommerce project from.

rediSell is a proven solution bringing fast and affordable eCommerce for SAP Business One. View the rediSell website.

Aether Consulting is marketing rediSell, which is created by IndyDutch Solutions.  If you are an SAP Business One VAR with current customers requiring integrated eCommerce; or if you are an SAP Business One user requiring a quote to integrate your website to SAP Business One, please contact us at 586 939-8028