SAP Business One for the Wholesale Distributor

SAP Business One for Wholesale Distribution


SAP Business One is simple yet powerful software designed for the small distribution business.  Incorporating item management, purchasing, warehouse management, sales quotes & orders, and accounting right out of the box.  

Where functionality beyond the standard SAP Business One capabilities are needed, add-on modules that provide functionality typically seen in the Warehouse and Distribution industry include:

Distributor/Wholesalers:  What would your business look like if you could...

As wholesaler, you live and die by your inventory. In fact, inventory is so important that most wholesalers have invested a significant amount of money in an inventory system. Unfortunately, most inventory control systems only handle inventory; leaving other areas of the business such as sales and accounting with separate, stand-alone systems. This lack of integration across key business functions is preventing you from streamlining your business, increasing sales and growing your business. There is a better way...

SAP® Business One is an affordable, easy-to-use business and operational management solution for dynamic businesses ranging in size from 10 to several hundred employees. The solution is simple yet powerful, allowing an immediate and complete view of both business operations and customer activities. It delivers powerful and fully integrated sales force automation with back-office accounting, sales orders, inventory, production, and project management.

Apply SAP Business One to your distribution business and you'll gain a powerful and fully integrated sales force automation tool with back-office accounting, sales orders, CRM, purchasing and warehouse management.

SAP Business One for Streamlining Inventory Management

Watch this short video on how SAP Business One can help you OPTIMIZE INVENTORY and MINIMIZE COSTS.  Explains how SAP Business One distribution software can help to:


Add-Ons for SAP Business One to the Wholesale Distribution Industry

SAP Business One eCommerce

Aether Consulting offers a variety of options when it comes to meeting the requirements of an online shopping experience of businesses running SAP Business One.

Interfaced B1 eCommerce

Integrated Electronic Order Pad

Fully Integrated eCommerce for B1

Good for companies that want to keep their existing web store. 

The goal is to establish an interface between your webstore and SAP Business One in order to easily flow order information into B1 and eliminate manual entry of webstore orders. 

The solution we prefer is Magic xpi Integration Platform, a toolset that allows the sharing of data between systems.

Good for companies that would like to offer a webstore, but don't need all the bells and whistles of a fully functional eCommerce site. 

The goal is to offer your customers a quick way to order items through a secure web browser or through a desktop application. 

The solution we recommend is b1Desktop, an electronic order pad for SAP Business One.

Good for companies that desire on online webstore that reflects their brand as a highly immersive shopping experience - including catalogs, shopping cart, shipping integration, payment gateways and more. 

The goal is to bring a tightly integrated solution that uses customers, items, and prices from SAP Business One to populate the webstore; and then bring any orders placed via the webstore back into B1 for fully automated processing. 

The solution we recommend is rediSell eCommerce for SAP Business One.

No matter what your requirement or goals may be, we can help you find the eCommerce solution that meets your budget and timeline.

Valogix Inventory Planning and Optimization for SAP Business One

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Valogix Inventory Planning and Optimization Solutions Save Time , Money, and Effort

- the fast and easy way to reduce costs and improve revenues -

Inventory Planning for SAP® Business One

Valogix provides automated planning tools that improve your inventory investment and reduce the amount of
time required to maintain proper inventory levels. By automatically forecasting, replenishing, and optimizing
you can manage your inventory more efficiently; and meet the demands of customers and suppliers at lower
costs. Valogix works hand-in-hand with SAP Business One.

SAP Business One delivers a unified picture of up-to-the-minute business information allowing users to achieve new levels of control and profitable growth. SAP Business One provides real-time access to integrated financial, operational, and sales management information. The Inventory module contains the key data that Valogix uses to create both a strategic and operational inventory plan.

Valogix delivers ready to use solutions that install quickly, are very easy to use, and provide you with a high rate of return. If you answer yes to any of the following questions, Valogix can help:
What are your inventory goals and objectives? Do you want to:
- Reduce inventory by 20% or more?
- Reduce expediting and emergency shipments by 35% or more?
- Improve productivity by reducing planning time by 60% or more?
- Control replenishment spending by 15% or more?
- Improve customer satisfaction by having the right items available when your customers want them?
- Generate more sales and do cross-selling and up-selling?

Key Features
No More Manual Computations
- Demand Forecast
- Replenishment Plan
- Stocking Levels
- Replenishment Quantities

Dynamic System Keeps You Current
System adapts automatically as business conditions change
- Alerts warn you of potential problems before they happen
- Excess and Inactive inventory are immediately identified
- Get instant access to stock levels in all locations

VALOGIX® ADAPT Technology (Analytical - Dynamic - Adaptive - Predictive)
- Proprietary algorithms for pinpoint accuracy
- Optimization reduces costs, improves turns, and increases service
- Replenishment planning is optimized for better asset and spend control

Download the Valogix Inventory Optimization brochure here PDF file

ShipEasy from Third Wave

ShipEasy manages your shipping tasks directly within SAP Business One. Display full image

ShipEasy is a fully integrated and SAP certified add-on for Business One that enables you to manage your UPS, FedEx or USPS shipping processes directly within the SAP environment. Using ShipEasy’s point-and-click interface, you can configure shipping preferences for your Business Partners, receive rate quotes based on multiple shipping options, verify address information, automatically assign tracking numbers to your shipments, and convert your delivery notice to an invoice. ShipEasy also seamlessly communicates with each shipping carrier via the Internet for real-time updates and upgrades to ensure accurate pricing.

ShipEasy will enable you to:

Third Wave Credit Card Processing

Third Wave's Credit Card Processing is PA-DSS certified for SAP Business One, providing you the security of PCI compliance.  This solution will allow you to process credit cards quickly and seamlessly within SAP Business One.Display full image

Easily Accept Secure Credit Card Payments within SAP Business One

Third Wave’s Credit Card Processing (CCP) is an SAP Certified Integration for Business One that makes it easy for you to accept credit card payments while helping you achieve PCI compliance. It’s the only credit card processing solution for SAP Business One that follows the PCI Payment Application Data Security Standard (PA-DSS) and has undergone an independent third-party audit. This is critical if you want to lower your transaction fees while protecting your company from data breaches and significant penalties.

Key features include the ability to:

LISA WMS from N'Ware

LISA WMS offers a wide range of advanced features to bring automated warehouse operations to SAP Business One.  Warehouse management systems for SAP Business One aim to control the movement and storage of materials within a warehouse, as well as process the associated transactions using scan guns. Display full image


◾Real time item and quantity validation against the PO
◾Container receiving solution for faster receiving
◾Quality inspection and quarantine
◾Streamlined Serial and Lot/Batch processing
◾Cross Docking

Put Away

◾Location configuration with capacity and velocity management
◾Suggested Put Away
◾FIxed bin locations
◾License Plate support
◾Knows exactly what Inventory is in what location


◾Order validation
◾Automatic order closing
◾Pack out and Print Carton
◾Content Labels
◾Plug-and-play integration with EDI
◾Integration to multiple Carriers
◾Truck Route Planning


◾Order picking priorities
◾Most efficient picking route calculated
◾Real time item and quantity validation against the Sales Order
◾Replenishment helps keep primary pick locations full
◾Sales Order, Batch or Bulk Picking
◾Expiry date management with FIFO/FEFO support

LISA Warehouse Management is offered in 3 offerings:  LISA Warehouse Management System for full-service distribution environments.  LISA WMS Express for small distributors ready to take the first step to barcoded inventory transaction processing.  LISA By Design for WMS on a software-as-a-service model.

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