SAP Business One Industry Applications

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SAP Business One industry applications, also known as SAP Business One add-ons are available to expand the breadth and depth of SAP Business One to provide a complete solution for our customers.  Aether Consulting recommends and uses SAP Business One add-ons that achieve certification with SAP to ensure that your business solution is protected now and in the future.

Start with SAP Business One which provides a strong foundation of functionality that all businesses require such as accounting/finance, sales quoting and orders, purchasing and inventory management, light manufacturing, service and reporting.

Industry-Specific add-ons provide functionality typically seen in a particular industry, such as distribution, manufacturing, job shops, professional services, etc.. 

Other add-ons can be used in just about any industry.  They would include add-ons like payroll, time and attendance and more. 

Proven SAP Business One Add-Ons-- Expanding your Solution

A number of SAP Business One add-ons can fit just about any business.  Again, start with the SAP Business One system and more functionality can be included when the time is right for you. 

Advanced Productivity Pack (APP) - APP for customizing screens, creating dashboards and much more

Magic Software - Magic xpi to share data between SAP Business One and other applications

RediSend Document Delivery

RediSell eCommerce for SAP Business One

RediPortal Customer Self-Serve Portal for SAP Business One

b1Desktop Electronic Order Pad for SAP Business One

Clarity Payroll, HR and Time and Attendance for SAP Business One

Advanced Productivity Pack for SAP Business One

The Advanced Productivity Pack byt Third Wave Systems for SAP Business One is recommended for all of our customers.  It provides us with a toolset to make your SAP Business One application more robust and personalized.Display full image

APP is a fully integrated and certified add-on for SAP Business One that enables you to customize screens, create robust reports with simple queries, email documents and reports based on user actions, automate the batch/bulk delivery of documents, import journal entries into SAP, and perform access control monitoring for SOX compliance. It integrates four modules (Customizer, Document & Report Delivery, Charts & Dashboards, and Scheduler) to help you get the most out of SAP.

Key features include the ability to:

Magic Software - Magic xpi Integration Platform for SAP Business One

Magic xpi for SAP Business One connects IT systems through a data flow process.

It facilitates the sharing of data among applications, empowering organizations to create new workflows and integration processes, such as website integration, inter-company trade, master data synchronization, and many more.

Aether Consulting uses Magic xpi to sit between SAP Business One and other applications.  It is a trigger-based tool that can push data from an outside application into SAP Business One in a way that doesn't break the software.  For example, if you have a website that is being used by your customers to create orders, we have used Magic xpi to intercept those website orders and push them into SAP Business One as a sales order/delivery -- which eliminates the need to hand-enter website orders into SAP Business One.

Typical Usage Scenarios:

rediSend Document Delivery Application

rediSendDisplay full image
rediSend is a full featured document delivery solution for SAP Business One. With rediSend you can organize and deliver marketing documents and reports in a wide variety of formats with just a Click.  rediSend will help save time and increase efficiency in your day-to-day operations.

With rediSend to energize your SAP Business One you can:

View more from the rediSend website.

rediSell eCommerce for SAP Business One

eCommerce is a term we use to describe an end-user's ability to conduct on-line shopping from either a B2B or B2C website.  When eCommerce is offered by a company using SAP Business One for their business management software, there are distinct advantages to using data from SAP to populate the website.  Instead of maintaining a separate file of items, prices, and customers, by using this data directly from SAP Business One you only have to maintain the data in one place, saving time and reducing errors.

With rediSell eCommerce for SAP Business One you can:

rediSell is a proven solution bringing fast and affordable eCommerce for SAP Business One. View the rediSell website.

rediPortal Customer Self-Service Portal for SAP Business One

rediPortal is an integrated customer self service portal solution for SAP Business One.
With rediPortal your customers can get accurate and up-to-date information about their order status, shipments, invoices, and payments 24x7 using any standard web browser through a secure portal --reducing customer service costs and improving productivity.

rediPortal is a fit if:

rediPortal is currently in use at companies running SAP Business One for a portal solution. View the rediPortal website.

b1Desktop Electronic Order Pad for SAP Business One

b1Desktop is an integrated order management system for SAP Business One.  Empower your customers with the ability to place orders, view order history, review shipments,  see invoices and payments, and make direct inquires right from their desktop or through an internet browser.   Without having to maneuver within SAP Business One, your customers can conduct order entry and processing through a clean, simple and easy-to-use interface.

Display full image

b1Desktop Highlights

SAP Business One customer access solution — Give your customers remote access to SAP Business One through this automated solution for standard orders and routine information inquiries.

Clean, simple to use interface — No complicated systems to learn, this SAP Business One order management system can be used immediately by all skill levels.

Electronic order pad for SAP Business One - Your customers can remotely place orders for the items they need through the SAP Business One electronic order pad.  Show all inventory items, or just in-stock inventory items -- your choice.

Remote access to SAP Business One data — Through a secure log-in your customers can view open and closed orders, product shipping details, open and closed invoices, credits and payments.

Direct enquiry processing engine — Customers can send their questions directly through the b1Desktop application to your customer service group.

Multiple deployment methods - Enable customer remote access to SAP Business One data through the standard program application or through any internet browser.

b1Desktop is a fit if:

View b1Desktop website.

Payroll and Time & Attendance for SAP Business One

Clarity Payroll. Clarity comes in 3 modules (Payroll, Human Resources and Time & Attendance), you can order separately but most use all three.  Clarity is the most sophisticated and developed program meant for midsized companies interested in making a full package investment including HR and Time and Attendance capabilities.


View more at the Paymate Software Clarity website.

Other Add-Ons

Many add-on modules exist to make your SAP Business One solution a perfect match for your company.  Contact Aether Consulting if you have a specific requirement.