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Manufacturing ERP Software Overview

As an ERP software reseller to small and midsize manufacturers, Aether Consulting has helped many businesses to optimize inventory and streamline production management processes through technology.  Being located in the Detroit, Michigan area -  the home of automotive manufacturing - for the past 15 years has given us exposure and experience with all types of manufacturers and the software tools used within the business.

Whether you call it manufacturing ERP software, small business software, or just plain manufacturing software – the base software tool we use is SAP® Business One.  Along with SAP Business One, we are certified in manufacturing add-on products like Eralis Job and PPSOne that expand the breadth and depth of the software functionality to meet your manufacturing requirements.

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We work with growing manufacturers, and production facilities who are serious about improving their business through optimizing inventory and streamlining production management processes.

Are you frustrated with old or outdated manufacturing ERP software?

Are you tired of trying to keep up with multiple software systems for accounting and manufacturing?

Maybe you’re still struggling with a manual system for production and operations?

What would it be worth to manage inventory and production more effectively, along with integrated accounting -- in one software designed specifically for the small to midsize manufacturer?

All manufacturers are facing pressures in today’s economy.  They are challenged to achieve profitable growth, survive margin pressure, exceed customer demands and manage an ever-expanding supply chain.  Manufacturing ERP software serves as the backbone of the business to give visibility into operations and provide efficiency in the manufacturing process.

When talking with small and midsize manufacturers, we consistently hear the same business needs they expect from manufacturing ERP software. 

Aether Consulting is a high-value consulting firm and value-added SAP Business One software reseller that focuses on helping manufacturing executives purchase and implement an ERP software solution.

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Aether Consulting has deployed SAP Business One manufacturing business software in both repetitive manufacturing and job shop manufacturing operations, such as:

Aether also has experience within a number of manufacturing verticals, including automotive, chemicals, electronics, fabricated metals, food, furniture, lighting, machinery and equipment, and consumer goods.  We have over 20 customers just in manufacturing that run this software, and there are over 50,000 companies worldwide that run SAP Business One. 

Whether you operate out of a single manufacturing facility; have a headquarters here in the US with manufacturing overseas; or are a local subsidiary/manufacturing operation for a large corporation – SAP Business One is a fit.

Manufacturing Software for Small and Midsize Businesses Offering

Representing SAP Business One manufacturing software for small and midsize businesses, along with the certified add-on products like PPSOne and Eralis Job give Aether Consulting the tools to improve your business through optimizing inventory and streamlining production management processes.

Deploy SAP Business One for manufacturing:

Learn more about the functionality included in SAP Business One manufacturing software.

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View the standard manufacturing functionality provided in SAP Business One.

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PPS One adds more sophisticated production scheduling, alternate manufacturing routings, and walkup stations for shop floor reporting to SAP Business One for discrete and repetitive manufacturing environments.

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Eralis Job (formerly Enprise Job) adds project estimates/quotations, detailed job costing, job management, contract or milestone billings, and timesheets to SAP Business One for job shop manufacturing environments.

When you need an ERP system for your manufacturing business, contact Aether Consulting, 8369 Windstone Ct., Goodrich, Michigan 48438.