Job Cost | Job Shop Software: Eralis and SAP Business One for Project-Based Industries

 Job Cost Software | Eralis and SAP Business One for Job-based Industries

Since 2006, Enprise Software has become a globally recognized brand associated with full-featured job costing solutions in the SAP Business One ecosystem. Over 400 customers around the world use Enprise, powered by SAP Business One, to run their businesses.  The company has now announced a new brand name, Eralis.  In short, the Eralis goal is to give service-based companies increased visibility and control of their costs, profits and progress on each and every job or project.

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Job cost software is ideal for any business that builds a product, services a product, or any business that provides a service based on time and cost.  Some industry examples are:  Advertising and media, Boat building and marine contracting, Carpet and flooring contractors, Computer system integrators, Convention and event organizers, Custom Jobbing manufacturing, Earthworks and drain-layers, Electrical contractors, Equipment Servicing, Funeral directors and arrangers, General construction, Haulage companies, Plumbing, electrical and gas fitting, Repair and maintenance, Time, service and resource providers, and Vehicle workshops to name a few.  Because the Detroit area has a strong manufacturing heritage, we have worked with make to order manufacturing and job shop manufacturing companies who require job cost software to help automate their business.

We work with executives who are serious about understanding the true cost of the jobs they perform. 

What would it be worth if you could:

Aether Consulting is a Michigan Eralis Partner. Eralis Job cost software is an add-on bringing job cost functionality to SAP Business One.  When you need to apply actual costs to a finished project, you must have Eralis Job.  Eralis is a highly configurable tool-kit solution set -- it is important that it is configured properly to support your job processes and workflow.

We support SAP Business One customers and other partners in qualifying, selling, installing and implementing Eralis Job to SAP Business One applications.

Eralis Job Cost software for SAP Business One is a centralized Job Management solution allowing businesses to prepare quotes for their customers, manage resources, time, staff, material issuing and purchasing on a job by job basis.  Users can do all this from a seamlessly SAP Business One integrated environment.

Aether Consulting is a reseller of SAP Business One and Eralis Job Cost, which together provides the tools to make vital profit enhancing decisions during the course of every project.

20/20 vision across your entire business with real-time visibility on:

Capture Time and Expenses From Field Employees

A companion to Eralis Job is Eralis Anywhere.  Eralis Anywhere is a browser-based application that allows users to capture information against jobs from their preferred mobile device.  Field employees can view job related information and process transactions while in the field.  Empower your field workforce to spend more time working at customer sites and less time entering job data in the office.  View more on Eralis Anywhere.

Free Assessment - Simplifying Job Management

Wouldn't it be nice if you could manage every aspect of your service jobs within a single system? Now you can with SAP Business One and Eralis Job.

Request a free assessment to see if the solution is a fit for you.

Customer Story

Michigan area clients running Eralis Job and SAP Business One | Job Cost Software:

Type of Company What They Do Aether / SAP Solution and Users
Industrial / Municipal Pumps Repair / Service, Parts Distribution, Manufacture new systems Implemented SAP Business One w/ Job Costing, Payroll.
Shelters — bus, smoking, entry ways Engineer / manufacture to order shelters, installation services Implemented SAP Business One w/ Job Costing.
Distribution systems Engineer / manufacture to order systems, Parts distribution, repair / service of distribution systems, software development Implemented SAP Business One w/ Job Costing & web time entry.
Industrial pumps & seals Repair / Service, Parts Distribution, Manufacture new systems Implemented SAP Business One w/ Job Costing.
Electronics repair Repair / Service, Parts Distribution of electronics. Implemented SAP Business One w/ Job Costing, Payroll, eCommerce, shipping integration.
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Eralis, formerly Enprise Job for SAP Business One CASE STUDY

Industrial automation specialist Vargo Companies uses Eralis Job to understand the true profit of every job it undertakes, increasing profit margins by 10% and reducing cost of sale at the same time.

Supported by Aether Consulting, an SAP and Eralis partner.

Access the Eralis Job case study here.

Resources - Eralis Job Demo and PDF Brochure

YouTube Video . . .  View this short overview video of Eralis Job.

PDF Brochure . . . Learn more about how Eralis Job for SAP Business One gives you the power to manage jobs and activities more effectively, from beginning to end. Capture all job-related costs and monitor progress in real-time... Eralis Job PDF brochure

Learn more about how Eralis Anywhere can empower your field workforce to spend more time working at customer sites and less time entering job data in the office...Eralis Anywhere PDF brochure

Learn more about how Eralis Automate can help you streamline recurring processes and spend less time on repetitive tasks. Increase efficiency and allocate staff time to higher value tasks...
Eralis Automate PDF brochure

For more information about SAP Business One with Eralis job for project, service, and job shops for small and midsize businesses, call Aether Consulting at 586-939-8028.