SAP Business One Starter Package

Small Business Software for 1 to 5 Users

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The starter package for the SAP® Business One application is an integrated business management solution for small companies with 5 users or less. It addresses your fundamental business requirements with basic finance, sales, purchasing, customer relationship management, and inventory functionality. You'll gain instant visibility and control while building a stable software foundation to support your evolving business needs.

If you are already familiar with SAP Business One, the starter package is a limited-scope version of Business One -- offered at a reduced price.  The chart below shows the differences between SAP Business One standard and the Starter Package.

For business owners that want to start off with a stable, scalable business software Starter Package is a great choice.  Not familiar with SAP Business One but are outgrowing Quickbooks or other stand-alone software? Maybe you're looking for new business software that is easy to use, affordable, and can grow with you as your business needs evolve?  You need Starter Package SAP Business One.

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See how Starter Package software stacks up functionally to standard SAP Business One:

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Buy the Starter Package

The SAP Business One Starter Package is priced and sized for 1 to 5 users. Once you go beyond 5 users, you must upgrade to SAP Business One standard. 

Starter Package Pricing

Basic Start Up Services

You can also choose to use our Starter Package jump start services.  Get up and running quickly with our standard configuration services from us to install SAP and prepare the database for first use.  Includes 8 hours of services to install SAP and initialize the database with the standard setup – no custom settings, forms or configurations.  Pricing is $1320.00.

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